Conference + Expo

April 10-11 2019
ICC Sydney Darling Harbour

Why is this different?

Blurring lines demands  “whole of system” solutions.  No longer can the industry operate in distinct silos.  Australia Power will include content and speakers from jurisdictions outside of Australia to provide insights, best practices and lessons learned in markets that have undergone similar disruption.

New technologies are transforming the electricity sector in unprecedented ways and Power Australia will discuss the use of these new technologies as strategic tools to create a vision for the future.

There are inevitably challenges integrating new technologies and services into existing markets which if not properly managed could lead to adverse outcomes for consumers. The Australian electricity sector needs to be flexible enough to accommodate innovation in a range of forms, while maintaining security, reliability and affordability.

Recent advances include low emissions electricity generation technologies, distributed energy resources such as digital metering, rooftop solar PV, battery storage systems and electric vehicles, and software for peer-to-peer electricity trading will all be part of this flexibility and at Power Australia steps to manage this process will be a central part of the discussion.

There are also a number of other zero-emission electricity generation technologies, such as concentrated solar thermal, geothermal, ocean, wave and tidal, and low emission electricity generation technologies such as biomass combustion and coal or gas-fired generation with carbon capture and storage which need to be factored into the conversation.

And In addition, the continued development of cleaner fossil fuels is central to the future and must be considered in the framework for the future.

All of these issues require the Power Australia conference.

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