The Australian industry is in the throes of a once in a millennium transformation. Blurring industry lines, transitioning to renewable energy, continuing development of fossil fuels and the growth of distributed generation is at its heart. The overwhelming need is to find solutions that will somehow balance reliability and clean energy with affordability

Strategies are urgently needed to find solutions that address this energy trilemma – ones that simultaneously provide a high level of energy security and reliability, universal access to affordable energy services, and reduced emissions. These solutions need to create a vision and framework for the future that addresses the entire power supply chain.

The system we are accustomed to was designed for a world that was less complex than today, one in which traditional generation provided all electricity needs. Since then, new technologies are emerging more rapidly than previously envisaged

Transmission infrastructure will continue to be a critical component of our electricity supply system.  Power Australia will focus on the most cost-effective way to strengthen and re-design the network so that the grid will be poised to handle the ever-increasing use of intermittent power.  It is an industry event that will bring all the component parts together; generation, transmission, distribution and retail.  It will bring all elements of the industry together with speakers from jurisdictions outside Australia to share lessons learned from dealing with similar challenges and to create solutions.

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