Why is this important?

New technologies are transforming the electricity sector in unprecedented ways and Power Australia will focus on managing this transformation- on the use of these new technologies as strategic tools creating a vision for the future.

Nothing less than national commitment to these system integration challenges is required.

There are inevitably challenges integrating new technologies and services into existing markets which, if not properly managed, could lead to adverse outcomes for consumers.  The Australian energy sector needs to be flexible enough to accommodate innovation in a range of forms, while maintaining security, reliability and affordability.

Wind and solar PV are the most common renewable generation technologies being installed today.  There are a number of other zero-emission electricity generation technologies, such as concentrated solar thermal, geothermal, ocean, wave and tidal, and low emission electricity generation technologies such as biomass combustion and coal or gas-fired generation with carbon capture and storage while distributed energy resources represent still another wave of innovation.

Power Australia is the first event to focus on how all these solutions will be integrated into the larger more complex system.

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