Power Australia 2019 – The Proper Energy Mix for the Next Ten Years and the Impact on Costs to the Consumer

Following the success of the inaugural event, Power Australia Conference & Exhibition will be back in 2019.

Power Australia is the first industry event to focus on solutions and strategies across the entire electricity value chain.  With the traditional industry silos disappearing industry executives from all segments of the industry must adopt a “whole of system” approach to meet the unique challenges facing the electric power market in Australia.

The industry is at a critical point in its transformation as the transition from traditional fossil fuels to renewable technology as well as to distributed generation and microgrids continues.  The complexities of the fast developing generation, distribution and consumption convergence is changing the industry beyond recognition.

In 2018, the Power Australia Conference was extraordinarily well received bringing together a renowned group of top executive speakers from Australia and around the world.  The products displayed in our exhibition attracted top level executives and power engineers from across the spectrum looking for the latest technology and solutions for the industry.

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